Book Spotlight: Naked in Public


Staci Sprout releases her long-awaited memoir! Staci’s story is compelling; I couldn’t put it down. Folks who struggle with addiction will find themselves in the pages and will feel encouraged as the hope unfolds in Staci’s recovery choices. People with loved ones struggling with food or sexual compulsions will gain understanding of how the mind organizes around these activities once addiction sets in.

“A respected therapist and addictions specialist shares the powerful story of her own recovery from sexual addiction.
In this intensely personal account, Staci Sprout traces her journey from the painful world of sexual intrigue and addiction into a life of healing and purpose. She was an honors student and popular cheerleader, and later a gifted young social worker. But her life had a dark twist that even her closest friends didn’t suspect. Childhood sexual abuse and exposure to pornography had ignited a drive to be sexual that eventually threatened to unravel her sanity and her life. Desperate for relief, she tried psychotherapy, hypnotism, bodywork, and traditional and pagan spirituality. Nothing helped until a near-death experience became a turning point and she found her way into the rooms of 12-Step recovery for sex addiction.
With sensitivity and compelling detail, Sprout writes as a compassionate insider about a world most have never seen: intimate gatherings of men and a few women determined to heal from the sickness that was ruining their lives. Eventually free of compulsive sexual behavior, Sprout concentrates on making things right with those she’s harmed, and on discovering what healthy romance and sexuality might look like. What she eventually finds is beyond her wildest dreams. This book is for all those who wonder if their story will ever have a happy ending.
Naked in Public is a gripping account of a woman who refuses to give up in her fight for dignity and freedom. The wisdom that emerges will be both a roadmap and an inspiration to anyone, male or female, who struggles with sexual addiction — and to their loved ones.”

Staci Sprout  is a licensed psychotherapist, author and publisher with twenty years of experience as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings from community mental health and hospitals to private clinical practice. Staci is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and since 2006 has dedicated her practice to helping individuals, groups and couples in recovery from sex and relationship addictions. She conducts trainings on sexual ethics for professionals and is an experienced retreat and conference speaker, sharing the story of her recovery from childhood trauma and multiple addictions. She lives near Seattle, Washington, with her husband, who is also in recovery.

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